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GloriaGloriaCrystal Melodies, Feb 26, 2017
Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusTurn Your Eyes Upon JesusCrystal Melodies, Apr 23, 2016
It is WellIt is WellIsabel Westenrider, Oct 18, 2014

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Everlasting MessiahEverlasting MessiahTed Calkins, Apr 15, 2017
Attacking the EnemyAttacking the EnemyMarty Robbins, Apr 8, 2017
Meet My Friend JesusMeet My Friend JesusLynny Chapman, Apr 8, 2017
Seven Great Religious MovementsSeven Great Religious MovementsTed Calkins, Mar 18, 2017
StarvingStarvingAlbert Vargas, Feb 26, 2017
Being a Sweet ChristianBeing a Sweet ChristianTed Calkins, Feb 26, 2017
Drought-Resistant ChristiansDrought-Resistant ChristiansRichard Magnussen, Feb 26, 2017
The Discipline of DarknessThe Discipline of DarknessAlbert Vargas, Feb 26, 2017
The BruisedThe BruisedBill Cude, Feb 26, 2017
There is Power to Conquer SinThere is Power to Conquer SinChuck Stout, Feb 26, 2017
Pushing Through the Dirt Towrd the LightPushing Through the Dirt Towrd the LightTed Calkins, Feb 26, 2017
SermonSermonChuck Williams, Feb 26, 2017
There is Only One WayThere is Only One WayTed Calkins, Feb 26, 2017
Faith is the VictoryFaith is the VictoryStephane Beaulieu, Feb 26, 2017
Sent Forth By GodSent Forth By God's BlessingAlbert Vargas, Feb 26, 2017
My Walk With God Kevin ErichMy Walk With God Kevin ErichKevin Erich, Nov 12, 2016
Luke 20: Having Empathyand Sympathy Like Jesus Luke 20: Having Empathyand Sympathy Like Jesus Dr. Reimar Vetne , Nov 5, 2016
The City of BabelThe City of BabelAlbert Vargas, Oct 23, 2016
Finding Jesus in IndiaFinding Jesus in IndiaKerry Juliano, Oct 15, 2016
"The Changed Life""The Changed Life"Roland Tsujimura, Sep 10, 2016
The Incommunicable and Communicable Attributes of GodThe Incommunicable and Communicable Attributes of GodTed Calkins, Sep 3, 2016
Off to WarOff to WarAlbert Vargas, Aug 27, 2016
Jesus/JesusJesus/JesusAlbert Vargas, Aug 13, 2016
The Solution to Religious DivisionThe Solution to Religious DivisionTed Calkins, Jul 16, 2016
RevelationRevelation's ConterfeitsAlberto Vargas, Jul 9, 2016
And They Will Not Adhere One to AnotherAnd They Will Not Adhere One to AnotherTed Calkins, Jul 9, 2016
Dry BonesDry BonesBrian Westenrider, Jun 25, 2016
Believe, Become, BelongBelieve, Become, BelongCharlie Goodwin, Jun 25, 2016
The Horn of Confessed SinsThe Horn of Confessed SinsBill Cude, May 14, 2016
The Sabbath in ActsThe Sabbath in ActsTed Calkins, May 7, 2016
The TroublingThe TroublingBill Cude, Apr 23, 2016
Always Rejoicing in the LordAlways Rejoicing in the LordTed Calkins, Apr 16, 2016
God Loves the LowlyGod Loves the LowlyDavid Santos, Apr 2, 2016
Cornelius A Seeker for TruthCornelius A Seeker for TruthTed Calkins, Mar 19, 2016
The Conversion of PaulThe Conversion of PaulTed Calkins, Mar 5, 2016
A Spiritual Roller Coaster RideA Spiritual Roller Coaster RideMarty Robbins, Feb 6, 2016
The Blessing of ProphecyThe Blessing of ProphecyAlberto Vargas, Jan 30, 2016
Sleepy_______Sleepy, ChurchSleepy_______Sleepy, ChurchMarty Robbins, Jan 23, 2016
Caution: Holy Spirit at WorkCaution: Holy Spirit at WorkTed Calkins, Jan 16, 2016
What Makes a Church GreatWhat Makes a Church GreatTed Calkins, Jan 2, 2016
Snapshots of the Glory of GodSnapshots of the Glory of GodTed Calkins, Dec 19, 2015
A R M E D for the Second ComingA R M E D for the Second ComingMarty Robbins, Dec 12, 2015
PassoverPassoverCurtis Church, Nov 21, 2015
Running to WinRunning to WinAlberto Vargas, Nov 14, 2015
Meet My JesusMeet My JesusMAS Students, Nov 14, 2015
Hope RisingHope RisingDavid Santos and Shelley Mascari, Oct 17, 2015
II've Had a DreamAlberto Vargas, Oct 10, 2015
Painless HealingPainless HealingBill Cude, Aug 29, 2015
Byron DuerksenByron Duerksen's TestimonyByron Duerksen, Aug 22, 2015
All From the Same LoafAll From the Same LoafPastor Ted Calkins, Aug 15, 2015
Kill One For MeKill One For MeDavid Lounsberry, Aug 8, 2015
ItIt's the ProcessBill Cude, Aug 1, 2015
The Legacy of Light for Our time in HistoryThe Legacy of Light for Our time in HistoryTed Calkins, Jul 18, 2015
Grace, What a RideGrace, What a RideMike Cline, Jul 11, 2015
True FollowshipTrue FollowshipMarty Robbins, Jul 4, 2015
Knowing His Will, Enduring With Patience, Joyfully giving ThanksKnowing His Will, Enduring With Patience, Joyfully giving ThanksDenise Benner, Jun 27, 2015
Follow the PitcherFollow the PitcherPastor Ted Calkins, May 16, 2015
The Calkins Story of His Story, Part 1: The GreatsThe Calkins Story of His Story, Part 1: The GreatsTed Calkins, May 2, 2015
Orphan AnnieOrphan AnnieLarry Unterseher, Apr 18, 2015
Getting the Most from PrayerGetting the Most from PrayerMarty Robins, Apr 11, 2015
William Miller: The Most Important Day in HistoryWilliam Miller: The Most Important Day in HistoryTimmy Baze, Mar 28, 2015
Forgive As We ForgiveForgive As We ForgiveTed Calkins, Mar 28, 2015
Chuck WilliamsChuck WilliamsChuck Williams, Mar 7, 2015
This Thing Called "Prayer"This Thing Called "Prayer"Gayln Bowers, Feb 28, 2015
GodGod's BreadTed Calkins, Feb 21, 2015
GodGod's GoodTed Calkins, Feb 21, 2015
The Freedom of TruthThe Freedom of TruthBill Cude, Jan 31, 2015
The Back Country PreacherThe Back Country PreacherTimmy Baze, Jan 24, 2015
Lord, Teach Us To PrayLord, Teach Us To PrayTed Calkins, Jan 17, 2015
Putting Off the Old Man and Putting on the NewPutting Off the Old Man and Putting on the NewTed Calkins, Jan 3, 2015
Al DemskyAl DemskyAl Demsky, Dec 27, 2014
Brining Down Your GiantsBrining Down Your GiantsMarty Robbins, Dec 13, 2014
Servants of the ServantServants of the ServantPastor Ted Calkins, Dec 6, 2014
Would You Believe It... Or Thought it?Would You Believe It... Or Thought it?Ted Calkins, Nov 15, 2014
We Have This HopeWe Have This HopeTimmy Baze, Nov 1, 2014
Have Thine Own Way LordHave Thine Own Way LordMarty Robbins, Nov 1, 2014
Heads UpHeads UpPastor Ted Calkins, Oct 18, 2014
Oh BOh B' otherDavid Lounsberry, Oct 11, 2014
Waiting While God Is WorkingWaiting While God Is WorkingPastor Ted Calkins, Oct 4, 2014
The Joy of the CallingThe Joy of the CallingPastor Ted Baze, Oct 4, 2014
Stupid WonStupid Won't Fix StupidTed Calkins, Sep 20, 2014
It is not overIt is not overDennis Long, Sep 13, 2014
The Heartbreak of a Shattered DreamThe Heartbreak of a Shattered DreamPastor Ted Calkins, Sep 6, 2014
Looking Three WaysLooking Three WaysTed Calkins, Aug 30, 2014
With Whom Are You SpeakingWith Whom Are You SpeakingRichard Stephens, Aug 23, 2014
Is it Getting Dark?Is it Getting Dark?Bill Cude, Aug 16, 2014
The Four Powers of Witnessing The Four Powers of Witnessing Marty Robbins, Aug 9, 2014
Religion vs. RelationshipReligion vs. RelationshipKerry Juliano, Aug 3, 2014
Big Lessons From Small AntsBig Lessons From Small AntsTed Calkins, Aug 3, 2014
The Foolishness of GodThe Foolishness of GodKeone Courtney, Aug 2, 2014
“Anatomy of the Soul”“Anatomy of the Soul”Dr. David Lounsberry, May 17, 2014
WhatWhat's In A Title - Part 2Al Dempsky, Oct 22, 2011
Wake Up For For The Second ComingWake Up For For The Second ComingMartin Robins, Oct 15, 2011
A Special ServiceA Special ServiceJohn Carlson, Oct 8, 2011
Clean From Head To ToeClean From Head To ToeTed Calkins, Oct 1, 2011
WhatWhat's In A Title - Part 1AL Dempsky, Sep 24, 2011
The Sleeping Lady Of KosraeThe Sleeping Lady Of KosraeFloyd Hayes, Sep 17, 2011
SermonSermonBill Cude, Sep 10, 2011
Extravagant LoveExtravagant LoveTed Calkins, Sep 3, 2011
An Unlikely FriendAn Unlikely FriendAl Dempsky, Aug 27, 2011
Are You Ready?Are You Ready?Don Lane, Aug 20, 2011
Sabbath, January 29, 2011Sabbath, January 29, 2011Bill Cude, Jan 29, 2011
What Happened To The SabbathWhat Happened To The SabbathPat Arribito, Jan 16, 2010
New Year, New Day, Still On Our WayNew Year, New Day, Still On Our WayJohn Carlson, Jan 9, 2010
A New Life For A New DacadeA New Life For A New DacadeTed Calkins, Jan 2, 2010
Christmas ProgramChristmas ProgramSpecial Guests, Dec 26, 2009
Jusus: From Marys PerspectiveJusus: From Marys PerspectiveTed Calkins, Dec 19, 2009
Friends of SinnersFriends of SinnersJohn Carlson, Dec 12, 2009
The Cristmas You Have Always Longed For-Slow Down And EvaluateThe Cristmas You Have Always Longed For-Slow Down And EvaluateTed Calkins, Dec 5, 2009
Thanksgiving ServiceThanksgiving ServiceVarious, Nov 28, 2009
Communion ServiceCommunion ServiceTed Calkins, Nov 21, 2009
In The DungeonIn The DungeonJohn Carlson, Nov 14, 2009
Response To TrialResponse To TrialMartin Robins, Oct 31, 2009
The Trouble With TroubleThe Trouble With TroubleBrian Lewis, Oct 24, 2009