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On January 17, 2012, our fire sprinkler system froze in at least 4 places, and caused damage to our sanctuary and pastor's study. We are thankful that no one was hurt when the ceiling fell, as minutes before it happened Bonnie Carter was picking up hymnals in the church, and also Lottie Cline was passing through to the kitchen.  We are thankful for our Heavenly Father's protection.
Front of Sanctuary after freeze of January 17, 2012
It will probably take a couple of weeks before we know the full extent of the damage. A professional service has been hired to dry out our building and minimuze the damage.

In the meantime, Jesus Christ Fellowship Church has opened their doors for us to utilize their facilities while we are restoring our sanctuary.  Pastor Jeff Daly and Associate Pastor Hank Lescher have been so helpful!

Adult Sabbath School and Worship Services will be at the Jesus Christ Fellowship Church, 21443 Pine  Middletown, CA 95461
Children's Sabbath School will be in their regular rooms in our facility at 21640 Hwy. 29 S, Middletown.

Prayer Meeting on Tuesday, (7:30 PM), will be in the lower classroom of our facility, 21640 Hwy. 29 S, Middletown.

Fellowship dinners will be canceled until further notice.

Photo Albums by Church Family:
Additional Photos of damage

Photo's by Sharon Erickson and Tom Gibson

Hank Lescher H ank Lescher

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