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History of Sabbath
Pat Arribito, History of Sabbath at Middletown Seventh-day Adentist Church (SDA)

History of Sabbath Seminar Begins January 16, 11:00 AM

Pat Arrabito will present her Sabbath History Seminar at the Middletown Seventh-day Adventist Church beginning January 16.

Arrabito, president of Angwin-based LLT Productions, is executive producer of The Seventh Day, a five-hour documentary miniseries hosted by award-winning actor Hal Holbrook. The series reveals the story of the Sabbath from its biblical foundations in the Old Testament through 2,000 years of Christian history.

 On a photographic expedition in 1990, James Arrabito and his two  oldest sons lost their lives when the plane in which they were passengers went down.  His wife Pat was left with their two youngest children, Adel and Andy, and Jim’s “Sabbath Project.” Adel and Andy grew up, and by God’s Grace, the “Sabbath Project” is now a five-part documentary series, “The Seventh Day: Revelations from the Lost Pages  of History.”

 Pat Arrabito was uniquely unqualified to produce a documentary on  anything, with her education in Psychology and Marriage Counseling,  but she is living proof that God can do anything He wants with anyone He wants to do it with. She researched for eight years, and praised  God when He sent talented and qualified people to write, direct, and produce the series. She and her team are currently working on foreign-language versions of the series, and also planning a new television series on the state of death.

 Having directed the fifteen-year research project on which the TV series is based, Arrabito will offer a revealing look at the conflict over the Christian day of worship. Her presentations, based on the documented evidence of history, will suggest some surprising conclusions.  "Most church-going Christian's give little thought to the origins of Sunday observance," she says. "They assume that either Jesus or His disciples initiated a change of the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. History clearly shows that was not the case."

Arrabito will begin the seminar series at 11:00 AM, Saturday, January 16, at 11:00 am at the worship service of the Middleown Seventh-day Adventist Church, and continue the sessions on Tuesday evenings  at 7:00 PM through March 9. For topics click here.  All meetings will be at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, 21640 Hwy. 29 South, in Middletown. The public is invited. No admission charge. For more information call (707) 994-4776.